How to Pick The Best Fast Taper Rod

How to Pick The Best Fast Taper Rod

Dave Smith

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How to Pick The Best Fast Taper Rod? A fast taper rod is a fly rod that has a faster taper than average. The taper is the portion of the rod that tapers from the thicker butt section to the thinner tip. A fast taper rod will have a shorter taper than a low taper rod.

A fast taper rod is a good choice for anglers who are looking for a rod that can cast a variety of different flies, including streamers and nymphs. Fast taper rods are also a good choice for anglers who are looking for a rod that can generate a lot of power.

How to Pick The Best Fast Taper Rod
How to Pick The Best Fast Taper Rod

The success of artificial lure fishing often depends on many factors. For example, the choice of location and bait largely determines whether we will catch pike, perch, or white fish.

Taper rod specifics

”Taper” should not be characterized simply by the words “parabolic system” or “non-parabolic system”. The term “Taper” needs to be differentiated a little more subtly. When describing the curvature curve of the fishing line blank, it should be borne in mind that the curvature also occurs during the feeding of the bait, and not only the curvature during fishing and detection, even if it occurs frequently. crucial to the success of fishing.

While in Europe most rods indicate only length and test, in advanced fishing countries such as Japan and the United States the description “Taper” can often be found on the line or in the catalog. But which peak is appropriate in the first place?

To make it easier, we will look at extreme cases. The tip with a large curvature curve during the feeding of the bait is considered slow - Slow Taper. Such a peak is used by many anglers to guide surface lures, especially stick baits, which in the style of “walking the dog” must glide over aquatic vegetation or over the passages with small fish on the surface. With a fishing rod with such a tip, a superb lineage of the bait can be achieved.

Due to the strong curve, which in Slow Taper rods in extreme cases can reach almost to the handle, there is an excellent tension of the line between the rod and the bait. If the rhythm of the conduction is disturbed during short jerk movements, we can rely on the work of these rods.

The tension of the fiber does not weaken as fast as it does with Fast Taper rods. Another advantage of Slow Taper rods is when fishing for large cracks with crankbaits, as they are more careful than perch or pike when they take the bait. When fishing with taps, I most often use Regular Taper blanks for various reasons.

For example, a predator such as a perch that swallows its prey instead of just catching it may be better off taking the bait. But more importantly, some models of Fast Taper rods only work well at a certain guide speed. But these taps have a much more stable course and they catch more fish when used with softer rods.

Fast Taper Rod
Fast Taper Rod


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Optimal fish extradicion

Other options are demonstrated by Extra Fast Taper rods. For me, they are very important when using almost all silicone lures and fine fishing techniques, when we can persuade predatory fish to bite only with quick and short movements of the lure over the bottom. If we fish with a Slow Taper rod, we will face difficulties in passing the bait over long distances and in catching the fish.

The forms of the Fast Taper and Extra Taper rods allow even when fishing with single offset hooks to ensure reliable detection of the fish at a long distance. I should note that I prefer to feed the swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and larger minnow lure with a Regular Taper rod, and on stick baits, I like to fish with a Fast Taper rod. Even with a not-very-good pass of the bait, I manage to catch a few more pikes. The pecking is felt much more clearly.

Fishermen often ask about the perfect universal rod. I will comment on this: when I want to fish in comfort, I would not take dozens of different rods with me, but I will make a choice in favor of the Regular Fast Taper model. From the many different lures, I would take twisters, cranes, jigs, oscillating lures, and more. - among them, there will always be those with which we will not make extreme mistakes when wiring with Regular Fast Taper.

Taper - a matter of order

Taper - a matter of order
Taper - a matter of order

Extra Fast Taper - only 1/10 of the blank of the rods is flexible; the rest is harder and passes into the so-called skeleton.

Fast Taper - have a larger flexible part that reaches 1/5 of the length of the rod, then the skeleton begins. Regular Fast Taper - the angler has 1/3 of the bait presentation form; they are relatively good for many lures, so these rods can be called universal.

Regular Taper - these rods are even more flexible, as the bending part is almost half of the blank. Slow Taper - the most flexible model when feeding the bait. The flexible part of such a spinning rod makes up almost half of its length, and in some models, it can even reach the handle


This is an article discussing how to pick the best fast taper rod. In order to pick the best fast taper rod, the author suggests looking for a rod that is lightweight, has a good balance, and is comfortable to grip. The author also suggests avoiding rods that are too long or too short.