Best 5 Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits / Lures

Best 5 Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits / Lures

Dave Smith

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What are the best Best 5 Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits/ Lures?

Fishing can be a very fun and relaxing sport. However, to have a successful fishing trip, you need to have the proper supplies. This includes the right bait or lures. If you are planning on going fishing for bluegill or panfish, here are the best 5 Walmart baits/lures.

1. Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Worms

Number 1 guys you can’t beat worms for pan fish and bluegill so right here there are 30 big red worms these are a little smaller you can put them on a pole for bluegill or you can go ahead and get the big night crawlers and use it for catfish too but with bluegill, you’re gonna be wanting to use small bits. They’ll just steal your baits when you are using these big night crawlers but those are by far the best baits.


Make sure you pick up some 4-pound test line it wouldn’t go any heavier just to see that line you lose bites and bluegill isn’t gonna break off even a four-pound test line they’re too small get some really small hooks if you ever you’re losing your bait that’s because your hooks are too big and your bait size is too big so make sure you get small hooks and then get a packet bobber it’s about a buck 50 for about ten bobbies.

2. Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Inline spinners

Moving on to number two is just gonna be some inline spinners these are good for pan fish they’re also good for trout bass crappie so a lot of different species Walmart usually carries blue fox in South Bend.

They both work great blue fox is a little cheaper it’s about five inline spinners for about six bucks or it’s about ten bucks for six spinners but South Bend but they both work excellent for bluegill.

Inline spinners
Inline spinners

Inline spinners are a great way to fish for bluegills. They are simple to use and require very little effort to fish with. Inline spinners are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of different fishing situations.

3. Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Corn

Number three guys the popcorn you can’t get any cheaper. It’s about 65 cents or 70 cents so for this whole can get a little plastic ziplock and just put a little bit in there maybe 20 pieces that are enough to get you going for bluegill.


One of the best ways to fish for bluegill is with corn. The sweet smell of the corn attracts the fish, and before you know it, you’ve got a bite. There’s something special about catching a fish on corn. Maybe it’s because corn is such a natural bait, or maybe it’s because bluegill just loves it.

Either way, it’s a fun way to fish, and it’s sure to result in a good day on the water.

4. Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Crankbaits

Number four it’s just gonna be really small crankbaits and Walmart carries a lot of these rebel brand micro critters so they like that little grasshopper but also a little crawfish works well too and they’re excellent for those pan fish and bluegill.

Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Crankbaits
Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Crankbaits

I’d use all kinds of different baits including bread bagels hot dog buns just bread all work grades or blue bills the problem is it dissolves pretty quickly so you have to replace the BAE.

Bluegills are attracted to baitfish that are struggling, so a bait with a tight wiggle and a lot of action is often the most successful.

5. Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits: Bread

Number 5 but just get as chief of a piece of bread as you can and works great grab a couple of slices for bluegill again just like the worm setup use a bobber a couple of feet under that a little bit of weight may be a piece of the split shot then a really small hook if you’re using too big of a piece of bait or too big of a hook again you’ll be getting your baits stolen.

Bread is a great bait to use when fishing for bluegill. It is easy to get, cheap and effective. Additionally, using bread as bait will not require you to go out and buy any special equipment. All you need is some bread, a fishing rod, and a fishing line.

Bread is easy to shape into small balls that bluegill loves to eat. The bread will also float on the water, making it easy for the fish to see. To increase your chances of success, try using a small hook and weighing the bread down with a split shot. Bluegill is a great fish to catch, and bread is the perfect bait to use. With a little patience and practice, you will be able to catch plenty of these fish.


If you are in search of the best Walmart bluegill and panfish baits/lures, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the Best 5 Walmart Bluegill and Panfish Baits/ Lures have to offer.

1. Worms

2. Inline spinners

3. Corn

4. Crankbaits

5. Bread