Super Groundbait for Fishing | Instructions for making the best fish Groundbait |

Super Groundbait for Fishing | Instructions for making the best fish Groundbait |

Dave Smith

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The Super Groundbait for Fishing will help you return with a catch from fishing. The recipe for this bait may include different components, but the main ingredients that make the fish follow the bait remain the same. Food prepared by the hands of a fisherman is considered the best food, despite the abundance of professional food in specialized stores.

Instructions for Super Groundbait for Fishing

Super Groundbait for Fishing
Super Groundbait for Fishing

The experience of many fishermen suggests that the best bait should be red. It is this color that attracts fish to a greater extent due to its brightness.

To prepare the best composition, the following products are needed:

  • 400 g of fresh wheat grains;
  • 200 g dry Hercules seeds;
  • 300 g of corn grits;
  • 100 g peeled sunflower seeds, preferably lightly roasted;
  • 50 g of the best flaxseeds;
  • 400 g breadcrumbs;
  • 100 g of powdered milk;
  • 50 g vanilla sugar;
  • Medium-sized raw beets or red food coloring.

Some ingredients should be fried in a pan greased with odorless vegetable oil in turn: wheat, oatmeal and flax seeds. Each of the fried foods should be ground to a state of flour. Good roasted wheat develops a strong flavor that attracts fish. Flax and oatmeal are ground and mixed with wheat. Then the rest of the products are poured into the mixture without change, except for the seeds, which are pre-ground. Powdered milk is added to the bait because it has the ability to create a white plume in the water.

Vanillin, as the strongest flavoring agent, is added at the end of the batch. The resulting well-mixed mixture is a super bait, which in this form retains aroma and taste for 2-3 months. Before sending for the next fishing, the right amount of bait is tinted with raw beet juice,

In muddy water, including with a suspension of milk powder, the red color of the bait and bait will attract fish. Flax seeds act as an aperitif for fish, causing an even greater feeling of hunger.

Types of bait, composition, and differences

The process of preparing good food has its own characteristics. The recipe and stages of food preparation determine which bait is better and how successful fishing will be. Bait can be purchased both in the store, and you can make an effective composition with your own hands, taking into account the peculiarities of catching high-water and deep-sea fish.

The best components that are part of any self-prepared bait:

  1. The foundation. It includes cake, oatmeal, cornmeal, crackers. It creates the bulk of the food base for fish.
  2. Feed base. As the main ingredient of the food base, the organic component is chosen, which mainly feeds on fish in this reservoir (worms, flies, fly larvae, caddis flies, bloodworms).
  3. Additives. Ingredients are added to the bait that give it a strong aroma that attracts fish, as well as dyes for the visual perception of the bait. Among the most suitable flavorings, vanillin, fried cereals, and seeds are used.

In addition to the composition of bait for fishing, it is necessary to take into account its viscosity and consistency for fishing in various seasons of the year, since the taste preferences of fish change throughout the year.

To add viscosity to the composition, it is effective to add flour, egg powder, semolina, clay. The friability of the fish mixture is achieved by increasing the forage base itself, as well as adding river sand. In order for the mixture to muddy the water well, dry milk powder and sawdust are added to the mass.

The advantages of a good homemade bait include the possibility of preparing it for specific fishing conditions: the season, the food base of the reservoir, bait. When going fishing in an unknown body of water, preference should be given to a purchased professional mixture for catching fish.

How to prepare the right bait yourself

How to prepare the right bait yourself
How to prepare the right bait yourself

To prepare a good bait, you should follow some rules that will help you effectively use the prepared mixture for the catch. If super bait for fishing is prepared in advance at home, then a product is brought to the reservoir that has been lying for at least 1-2 hours.

Therefore, in order for the bait to retain its aroma and taste, the following tips should be followed:

  • Do not open the pan with boiled cereals until the moment of complementary feeding;
  • Organic components of the bait (worms, bloodworms), which quickly deteriorate, should be used within 2-3 hours from the moment of preparation;
  • Flavors are added immediately before the mixture is used for its intended purpose, as they quickly lose flavor.

Based on the properties that make up the feed, fishermen are advised to mix good food in a pond or at home, but not earlier than 3 hours before fishing.

For kneading use a large container (basin, bucket). It is advisable to mix the liquid components of the feed separately from the dry ones, and then combine, diluting with water from the reservoir in which the fishing will take place. The consistency of the most suitable bait for fishing should be rather thick than liquid, since you can dilute it with water at any time. In this case, fishing will be effective.