How to properly hook corn for Fishing | Tips and Tricks

How to properly hook corn for Fishing | Tips and Tricks

Dave Smith

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How to properly hook corn for Fishing? Corn is the queen of bait. Vegetable bait is successfully combined with elements of animal origin. The bait is successfully used all year round. In addition to the peculiarities of preparing delicacies, there are variations of planting grains on a hook.

Secrets of successful fishing with Corn

Secrets of successful fishing with Corn
Secrets of successful fishing with Corn
  • Raw grains;
  • Sugar;
  • Honey;
  • Enameled utensils.

Cereals are soaked in raw water for 24-72 hours. Soaked cereals are boiled for 45-50 minutes, sugar and honey are added to taste, and the grains cannot be turned over.

The finished consistency is infused for a day, and the secreted lactic acid has an unpleasant odor, but the fish is willing to go for bait:

How to properly hook corn for Fishing
How to properly hook corn for Fishing


  1. Steam room. Cereals are soaked in warm water for 24 hours, the water must be changed at least 4-5 times a day. In a thermos (no more than ¼ volume), nourished grains are poured and poured with boiling water for 4-5 hours. At the request of the angler, flavor enhancers and flavors are added. Overcooked corn falls off the hook easily.
  2. Fermented. The grains impregnated with water are thoroughly washed with cold running water. A tablespoon of sugar is added per kilogram of corn and boiled for 45-60 minutes. Boiled grains are placed in a glass bottle. For effective fermentation, nutritional yeast is added, and the resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed. In order to seal the consistency, the surface is poured with vegetable oil. An open bottle is left for 72-96 hours. The bait can be stored for up to 28 days at a temperature of +50C.
  3. Artificial. Plastic cereals imitate corn grains. To achieve the maximum effect, the use of flavors is required. Advantages of the artificial lure: buoyancy, secure hook attachment, combination with lures as a float, reusable.
  4. Specialized. Fishing stores sell canned corn with the addition of specific flavors. However, the cost of the bait is ten times higher than consumer counterparts. snap corn

How to put corn on a hook? Planting one grain involves the use of hooks with sizes of 15-20 units.

In the arsenal of an amateur fisherman, there are several ways to plant cereals on a hook:

  1. The tip of the hook pierces the middle of the end side of the grain. A variety of fasteners allows you to maintain the integrity of the bait, tightly fixing the bait on the hook.
  2. The tip of the hook pierces the grain exactly in the middle of the front side. The grain sits tightly on the hook, the fish is unable to break the bait. For better hooking, it is recommended to expose the edge of the sting.
  3. The sting of the hook pierces the skin of the thickened part of the grain. The bait hangs completely, and the hook remains open by 65-75%. Experts recommend using this type of bait for catching large fish (more than 1 kg), “fry” can easily steal a treat.

The variation of planting one grain is suitable for catching small specimens up to 1.5 kg (crucian carp, roach, rudd, carp).

Several grains

Planting several grains is aimed at catching large specimens (over 1.5 kg). The bait is a sequence of several tightly threaded corn, a kind of garland. Experts recommend choosing flat grains that are easily pierced in the middle.

Through the middle of the grain, grains are placed on the hook (no more than 6-8 pieces), and the skin of the last link slightly covers the point. The delicacy is evenly distributed over the clasp area. Hanging grasses in a garland makes the bait look natural, which attracts fish.


How to properly plant corn: equipment. A sandwich is a combined bait that combines components of animal and vegetable origin. The nozzle is used at the peak of passive biting in order to interest the fish. The contrasting combination of colors and smells attracts the attention of an underwater hunter. In conditions of a muddy bottom, the equipment becomes noticeable; in dark water, the fish follows the smell.

Corn and maggot sandwich:

  • Maggots are put on the hook, and the amount of animal bait depends on the size of the chosen pocket. It is important to plant the larva through the head (the head part is larger than the tail part). Determining the “head” of a maggot is simple, in the thickened part of the body, there are horizontally located points resembling eyes.
  • Maggots are pushed to the shank of the hook. Corn grains are planted on the pocket (the number of grains depends on the size of the hook). The string should penetrate only the skin of the thickened part of the corn.

Corn and maggot are distributed in such a way that the baits do not overlap each other.


Corn and Worm Sandwich

Corn and Worm Sandwich
Corn and Worm Sandwich
  • The string is passed through the center of the grain in order to ensure a tight attachment of the bait. The number of grains depends on the selected hook size.
  • A worm is mounted on the hook: and the sting is threaded through the head and tail of the bait. The resulting loop will provide a secure fastening of the bait.

The “sandwich” bait is effective all year round, the combination of animal and vegetable components will attract the attention of the entire area of ​​the reservoir.

Hair Corn Montage

Hair Corn Montage
Hair Corn Montage

Hair montage is a trick of a smart fish that senses the presence of a metal hook. A delicacy hanging on a leash does not arouse suspicion among underwater inhabitants, moreover, during casting, the appellant does not fly off. It is used exclusively for catching large fish, the fry will only gnaw on corn, unable to pick it off the hook.

Installation work:

  • A piece of leash 0.2-0.3 meters long is cut off;
  • A loop is made at the end of the leash for further placement of plastic stoppers;
  • The made loop is passed through the eye of the hook from the inside;
  • Using a mounting needle, a silicone tube is put on the shank of the hook in order to prevent the leash from breaking;
  • The leash is attached to the fishing line with the help of a previously made knot;
  • Using a mounting needle, the bait is mounted on a leash (bait consists of 2-4 grains of boiled corn);
  • Plastic stoppers are mounted to secure the structure.

The bait “hair installation” can be purchased in specialized stores, the angler will only have to plant cereals.

The equipment of the corn bait is selected individually, taking into account the habitat of the reservoir, the silting of the bottom, and the transparency of the water. In dirty waters, the emphasis is on flavors.

The bait based on corn has established itself among domestic fishermen. A combination of rigging methods allows you to catch a trophy during a passive bite. In order to deceive the fish, you should combine attachment methods and grain sizes.