How to Catch White Amur Trout / Grass Carp?

How to Catch White Amur Trout / Grass Carp?

Dave Smith

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When it comes to White Amur Trout the grandeur of aquatic life, the Amur, scientifically known as Ctenopharyngodon idella, stands as a remarkable representative of the carp family. Inhabiting the vast Asian rivers of China and Russia. With the potential to reach astonishing weights of 27-36 kg, some lucky anglers have even reeled in specimens tipping the scales at a staggering 180 kg.

Although a select few live to see the age of 21, the average lifespan of the Amur ranges from 6 to 10 years, making it a captivating subject of study.

The Unique Characteristics of the Amur

Catch White Amur
Catch White Amur

Distinct from its carp counterparts, the Amur, often referred to as the grass carp, boasts an elongated, torpedo-shaped body devoid of the iconic carp’s mustache. Notably, its body showcases flattened sides and larger scales, lending it a lighter, silvery appearance in comparison to the common carp.

Within our borders, the Amur is colloquially known as the white amur, serving as a vital agent in maintaining water purity within various reservoirs. Its formidable length can exceed a meter, and you’ll find it elegantly maneuvering through lakes and serene rivers

The Amur’s Dietary Preferences and Habits

The culinary journey of the Amur begins with a diet of microorganisms, gradually transitioning into the realm of vegetarianism. The ambient temperature significantly influences its feeding patterns, with an active appetite ignited by a mere 7-degree Celsius reading.

Astonishingly, the Amur can consume a quantity exceeding its own weight in a single day, cementing its role as a formidable biological controller, maintaining the delicate balance of vegetation and flourishing within aquatic ecosystems.

The Myth of the Amur’s Elusive Bite

Dispelling the misconception that the Amur does not succumb to the angler’s bait, modern-day fishermen have embraced the thrill of pursuing this remarkable species. The key lies in understanding the art of bait selection and presentation.

Optimal results are achieved by offering the Amur a delectable combination of fruit-infused boilies and corn, accented by a subtle hint of bait.

Mastering the Art of Amur Fishing

Gearing up for an encounter with the great Amur requires a tackle similar to that used for carp fishing. A sturdy setup, complete with a heavy lead and paired boyle, sets the stage for success. For a seamless angling experience, consider the Sufix Super Skin line and the Nash Fang X hook. When the Amur seizes the bait, telltale tremors reverberate through the rod, serving as a sign to stay vigilant. Swift action ensures a secure connection, preventing the majestic fish from slipping away.

The Thrill of the Hunt

The ensuing battle with the Amur unfolds with intensity, particularly when the fish catches sight of the angler or the awaiting net. A dependable reel brake becomes paramount, safeguarding against unexpected escapes.

Gentle finesse guides the prized catch into the waiting net, where it can be handled with the utmost care and respect. Avoid confining the fish within an enclosure, as undue stress can hasten its demise.

A Tactical Approach to Baiting

Strategically managing baiting practices is an integral facet of Amur fishing. Gradually reducing the volume of bait over time ensures that the fish gravitates towards the alluring hook rather than excessive bait.

Positioning a single bait just beyond the boundary of the feeding area, approximately 15 meters away, often yields superior results. This clever strategy capitalizes on the larger fish’s inclination to roam near the feeding zone, selectively seeking out solitary contenders.

Unveiling the Baiting Regimen to Catch White Amur Trout


The art of baiting for the Amur commences with tempting boilies, complemented by a grain mixture. Observing the initial two-hour response serves as a compass, guiding subsequent actions. During the summertime, a lavish spread of 18-mm boilies and a cereal blend (comprising oatmeal, hemp, and corn) can be generously introduced at the outset, continuing daily until the desired activity ensues.

In contrast, the winter months usher in a modified approach, leveraging 14-mm boilies and the enhanced appeal of pellets. The gradual tapering of bait ensures that the baited hook remains the focal point of interest.

Decoding the Amur’s Sanctuary

Locating the Amur’s favored feeding grounds demands astute observation and knowledge. These cautious creatures often seek refuge in overgrown stretches along the shoreline, typically within depths of up to two meters.

On smaller ponds, a shrewd tactic involves angling from the opposite bank. Fishing techniques can be categorized into two distinct approaches: the patient, stationary approach versus the dynamic pursuit, each catering to diverse angler preferences.

Gearing Up for the Amur Challenge

Preparing for a captivating engagement with Amur involves selecting suitable equipment. Embracing lightweight spinning, measuring 2.7 to 3 meters and rated at 30-35 g, equipped with a non-inertia reel and robust fiber stock, paves the way for success.

Optimal resilience is ensured with a mono fiber boasting a diameter of no less than 0.3 mm, while short hooks underscore the importance of effective concealment within the bait. A carefully orchestrated presentation allows the bait to glide enticingly near the vegetation, ideally positioned no farther than a meter from the verdant domain.

The Unyielding Spirit of the Amur

Resilient and unwavering, Amur’s tenacity is unparalleled. Armed with a spirit that vehemently fights for survival and freedom, this remarkable species captures the imagination of dedicated anglers. Although no steadfast approach guarantees triumph, a common thread exists in the Amur’s affinity for verdant expanses and an ever-vigilant feeding regimen.

Catch White Amur Trout
Catch White Amur Trout

In the pursuit of the grand Amur, anglers embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of ordinary fishing. With each cast, the Amur’s allure beckons, inviting enthusiasts to partake in a dance of wits and wills, where victory is measured in the exhilarating clash of angler versus piscine champion.